Love in the Time of Unraveling
Love in the Time of Unraveling, by Franetta McMillian
One of the first women to train for the priesthood is chosen for a radical mission and through an unlikely collaboration, she rediscovers her faith . . . A man looking for a summer fling gets way more than he bargained for when a luminously pale woman with lavender eyes draws a portrait that nearly costs him his life . . . A group of tween-age girls enter into a suicide pact, but before they leave this mortal coil, they long to do one great good thing. In the bleak world of the shattered states, the gods hang close, but hungry ghosts hang closer. But even in the darkest of times, the human spirit rises and there is courage, sacrifice, hope and love. See Review in Broken Turtle Blog.
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Letters to You
Letters to You, by Douglas Morea
A book of well-crafted and wry free verse poems with an "epistolary pretense." Addressing memories, family members, inanimate objects, and moral pre-occupations, Morea tells a story about making peace with his universe, in a voice that is gentle, candid, loving, and at times all-to-humanly puzzled and amazed. Read the Review in Broken Turtle Blog.
Autoplant: a Poetic Monologue
Autoplant, a Poetic Monologue, by Phillip Bannowsky
In Autoplant Phillip Bannowsky journeys from assembly-line dismemberment to redemption, from student agitator and autoworker to teacher, poet, and activist. In the process, we meet his shop mates, Big Man, Billy Goat, Warthog, and Gravy, tormenting each other to pass the time and then coming together one thirsty summer night in a wildcat strike.
The Mother Earth Inn
The Mother Earth Inn, by Phillip Bannowsky
Neoliberals, neocons, revolutionaries, folk musicians, an ambassador's New Age wife, river-damming landslides, and one entrepreneurial idealist all collide in the Andean paradise of Phillip Bannowsky's satirical romance, The Mother Earth Inn. Hal Rivers, Bannowsky's feckless hero, descends into the Republic of Esmeraldas just in time for the elections of Bill Clinton back home and an insane populist in Esmeraldas. Hoping to do good while doing well, Hal ends up on a quest that is both picaresque and exposé.
The Milk of Human Kindness
The Milk of Human Kindness, by Phillip Bannowsky
Published in 1985, this chapbook recounts Bannowsky's meditations on work, family, music, personal growth, and love. With a beautiful cover by Newark, Delaware artist Debbie Hegedus.
A Visit With Uncle Richard
A Visit with Uncle Richard is a compilation of the popular series written by Spectator columnist and Editor Pat Gibbs. Uncle Richard, who is purported to be well over a hundred years old, is filled with the orneriness of his years. Unc’s outwardly cantankerous appearance masks a very funny, warm, kindly gentleman of the Old School. You can enjoy the fruits of Unc’s vast experiences and his profundity right here in these pages. Join Bubby (Uncle Richard’s ‘favorite’ nephew) on our monthly Visits with Uncle Richard as he imparts wit and wisdom on the issues of today, yesterday, and tomorrow.
A Visit With Uncle Richard, by Patrice Gibbs
Organized Unity
Influenced by Marcus Garvey and author of The Destruction of Black Civilization Chancellor Williams, in Organized Unity for Progressive Revolution, Gibbs provides "a blueprint for the Black Man to effectively unify and change his condition." Organized Unity is based on the Traditional Ancient African Constitution. $14.25 for paperback at Amazon or $7.99 for Kindle edition.
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Organized Unity for Progressive Revolution, by Patrice F. Gibbs
Love, War and Music
Love, War and Music, by Franetta McMillian
Franetta McMillian writes in a language both clear and meditative, tackling subject matter as wide ranging as the title of her work suggests. She evokes the imagery of everything from popular television shows to vehement bigotry, and each time provokes the readers to challenge their perceptions on the matter. This poetry is not preaching, nor is it pushing boundaries for the sake of it—McMillian engages in a deep exploration of her various subjects with each line, and that sort of depth can't do anything but force the audience to think in a new way. — Joshua D. Isard, Director, MFA Program in Creative Writing, Arcadia University
Under an Alien Moon
Under An Alien Moon, by Franetta McMillian
(Blurb, 2015) My father fell ill and after several years of resistance, I finally purchased a smartphone. These two things led me to work on this series of "remixes"...
Back when I was learning photography in high school, one of my favorite things to do was to stack negatives to create a composite image. Flowers became alien artifacts; buildings twisted at impossible angles. There was a limit to that, however. After three negatives, things got muddy. But with digital photography, the ability to stack and blend images becomes almost limitless. And suddenly there's a totem hidden in the trash on the sidewalk and a rusted sewer grate becomes a dreamcatcher…
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