Alphabetical list of Delaware authors (un-linked yet to be added; suggestions welcome)
Caroline Ailanthus
William Francis Albensi
Marie Allen
Julianna Baggott
JoAnn Balingit
Ivan Bannowsky
Phillip Bannowsky
Kathleen Barrett
Mahasveta Barua
Nina Bennett
Michael Blaine
J. Alex Blane
Linda Blaskey
Robert Bohm
Susanne Bostick Allen
James Bourey
Melissa S. Boyd
Fleda Brown
Jamie Brown
Regina Bumbrey
Weldon Burge
Cindy Callaghan
Nancy Carol-Willis
Siobhan Carroll
Carolyn Cecil
James Church/I.N.X.
John Ciriafici
Anne Colwell
Gail Braune Comorat
Shannon Connor Winward
Robert Hambling Davis
Jean Davis
Marisa de Los Santos
Ramona deFelice Long
Liz DeJesus
Viet Dinh
Elizabeth Dolan
Jerome P. Donohue
Buck Downs
Ken Doyle
Jen Epler
Beth Evans
Linda Evans
Irene Fick
Shea Garvin
Patrice Gibbs
Pat Goodman
Terry Aine Griffin
Gary Hanna
Vanessa Haley
Hina Haq
Crystal Heidel
Marsha Henderson
Lois Hoffman
William H. Horner
Frank E. Hopkins
Maurice Hopkins
Kim Holston
Arlene Humphrey
Gail Husch
Wendy Ingersoll
K. B. Inglee
Cassandra JerVey
maria keane
Jacki Kelly
Larry W. Kelts
L. S. King
Elizabeth J. Kolodziej
Karl Kuerner
Gerry LaFemina
e. jean Lanyon
Steven Leech
Phil Linz
Franetta McMillian
Robert Mallouk
Maria Masington
John Micklos, Jr.
Abby Millager
Jane Miller
Devon Miller-Duggan
Douglas Morea
Shaun Mullen
Helen (Cookie) Ohlson
Leon Opio
Bobbie Palmer
Mary Pauer
Scott Phillips
Drury Pifer (1934-2012)
Kathryn Pincus
Francis Poole
Richard Raw
Joseph Redden
Russell Reece
J.M. Reinbold
Liz Reyes
James Michael Robbins
David Robson
Maggie Rowe
Gibbons Ruark
Greg Schauer
Wendy Schermer
Christy Shaffer
Caroline (Carrie) Simpson
David R. Slavitt
J. Gregory Smith
Cruce Stark
Pam Stebbins
K. A. Steed
Frederick Stroesner
KMA Sullivan
Charles and Caroline Todd
Billie Travalini
Johnny M. Tucker, Jr.
Twin Poets Al Mills & Nnamdi Chukwuocha
Justynn Tyme
S. Scott Whitaker
Kelley Jean White
Roz Unruh
Pat Valdata
Jeanne Murray Walker
S. Scott Whitaker
Robert Yearick
Lara M. Zeises




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Linda Blaskey

An excellent Alphabetical list of historical Delaware regional authors can be found at
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White Horses
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Featured Author for Fall/Winter, 2019
Linda Blaskey
A visual, audio, and video archive containing over two centuries
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Linda Blaskey’s poetry and short stories have appeared in many journals and anthologies. Her poem, “Rest Stop, Eighty-Seven Miles From Asheville,” was chosen for Raleigh, NC’s Poetry on the Bus project and her short story “The Haircut” was selected by InterAct Theatre’s Writing Aloud! program for dramatic presentation at the Adrienne Theater in Philadelphia. She is poetry/interview editor for The Broadkill Review and coordinator for the Dogfish Head Poetry Prize. She is the recipient of two fellowship grants in poetry from Delaware Division of Arts. Her chapbook, Farm, was published by Bay Oak Publishers and her full-length collection, White Horses, was published by Mojave River Press in Spring of 2019. Walking the Sunken Boards, a collaborative poetry collection with Gail Cormorat, Jane Miller, and wendy Ingersoll, was published in April 2019 by Pond Road Press.
-adptd. from 12th Lewes Creative Writers’ Conference Bio

White Horses is the extraordinary . . . collection, rich in imagery and compassion, from poet Linda Blaskey, whose work was selected by Paterson Prize-winning poet Dorianne Laux for publication in the widely acclaimed Best New Poets anthology series. Mojave River Press is proud to present Linda Blaskey's brave collection of memory, love, loss, and nature, which poet Jan Beatty, winner of the Agnes Lynch Starrett Poetry Prize, describes as "exquisitely sensual, yet peaceful…a stunning book" and Pushcart Prize-winning poet Gerry LaFemina says is revelatory of "turmoil and ecstasy that roil beneath the tranquil surface." These poems will enchant and disarm. White Horses is worthy of every lyric lovers' bookshelf; as Stephen Scott Whitaker of the National Book Critics Circle says about this remarkable first book, "These poems run wild with life."
Featured Author for Winter/Spring, 2019